Final Gila County Election Results

Below are the final numbers as approved by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. These results were provide to KQSS by
Eric A. Mariscal, Director, Gila County Department of Elections
Final Gila County Election Results

Update: Gila County 2014 Idol Contest!


The Gila County 2014 Idol Contest. $1000 Grand Prize!
The final preliminary contest was held August 28th, 7PM at the Drift Inn.
See the video below:

Due to technical problems, the video recording of the Idol preliminary at the Vida E Cafe will…

The Election Results So Far!

I called the Gila County Elections Department and was told that there are still hundreds of provisional and mail in ballots to be counted before the official results are in. This is the county website to check unofficial results.
Click on…