Why Does Duber Let Many Criminals off Easy!

Judge Duber 300x234 Why Does Duber Let Many Criminals off Easy!

Judge Duber

Despite the fact that Gila County was successful in electing a new County Attorney, Bradley Beauchamp, and the fact that Beauchamp and his prosecutors are consistently seeking stiffer prison sentences for repeat offenders, we continue to hear about innocent people being burglarized and stolen from everyday. Thieves not only steal daily house items and jewelry, they have made off with items of great sentimental value to the victim and of little value to the thieves.

Recently, during a burglary at the home of a legally blind disabled Veteran and his also legally blind wife, thieves made off with an ID bracelet from the Korean War and a Mason’s ring with his mom’s diamond inside it. This was the last thing he had of her’s. He also lost a collection 60 spoons from around the world, that his wife had been collecting for over 40 years.

In talking with the family of the victims in this case, we are being told that the Globe Police Department was very thorough in taking evidence and they have been keeping the family informed about progress in this case.

We see people getting arrested for theft and burglary nearly everyday on the police and Sheriff’s Logs, so why are we still seeing so many burglaries in our community?

If police are arresting the offenders and the County Attorney’s Office is charging the offender appropriately, then what part of the system is not working in the best interest of the public and justice?

In mid July of this year, five time felon, Marco Salazar, plead guilty to his 6th felony ( his lastest drug charge).  Prior to this, Salazar has been charged in 5 different cases with included 6 counts of Burglary, 6 counts of theft, 2 counts of Fraudulent Schemes and 1 count of Trafficking in Stolen Property.

Due to plea agreements, many of the charges were dismissed. The charges Salazar pleaded guilty to, now make him a six time felon.

In each of these cases, before Judge Robert Duber (including the 6th felony conviction), Salazar was sentenced to probation only. Despite that in two of these cases, Salazar had violated his probation 5 times.

It was the recommendation of the County Attorneys Office in this last case, that Salazar be sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison and 36 months probation. Instead Judge Duber again sentenced him  to just 24 months of probation.

In court and on the case record, it list hundreds of dollars in fines that Salazar must pay every month to say out of prison.

Given Salazar’s history, where does Judge Duber think this known thief is going to come up with money to pay these fines? This pattern by Duber seems more like organized crime, in which the head of the crime ring has the power to put people in prison for not bringing in money, rather than roughing them up or taking a hit out on them.

Could it be that Duber believes this is reasonable justice, giving the repeat offender yet another chance to rehabilitate himself?

History might indicate that this is common for Judge Duber, except in at least one case involving someone he is close too.

Back in 2011, 33-year-old Dustin Daniels took a plea in the Gila County Superior Court before Judge Robert Duber on charges of Trafficking in stolen property. Evidence implicated Daniels in the burglary of Gila County Superior Court Judge, Peter Cahill’s home. DNA was taken as a part of this investigation to help identify other possible suspects. Note: In this case a different Judge was brought in telephoniclly. I sat in the courtroom during at least one hearings for Daniels and it seemed to me that Judge Duber, Cahil and Jerry Derose dominated the entire hearing. I never heard another judge nor was I aware another judge was presiding over the case.

While Daniels had 2 prior felonies convictions on drug charges, this was his first theft related charge.

Dustin Daniels was sentenced in the Gila County Court before judge Robert Duber to 6 years in the Arizona Department, he release day shows July of 2017.

3 comments for “Why Does Duber Let Many Criminals off Easy!

  1. Mr. Dilligaf
    August 26, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    It’s a generally unknown fact that neither judges or prosecutors can be held liable for their findings on the bench. In other parts of the state criminals have been freed and dopers even given their dope back. What can you do? Un-elect them. Stop putting the same sorry political scat back in office.

    Did you notice that the voting public gets dumber every year. Next thing you know Obama will get a third turn. What illegal? Show me the birth certificate.

  2. Ms. Renteria
    March 4, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    This judge is currently making a mockery of the justice system by backing up murder cases, mocking victims in the courtroom, coddling known criminal defendants and their attorneys, admonishing anyone who would stand up for the rule of law and apparently can’t remember the facts in the cases he’s hearing.

  3. Lilly Jenkins
    March 5, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    An open message to the voting citizens of Gila County:

    Please go and vote. Register your family, friends, and neighbors to vote. Visit Duber’s website for some of the most sickening things that I have ever seen in print that came out of a judge’s mouth. Turnips!!! Really now. Does this man whose comments on his website are if not border on racism deserve to be a judge? GO VOTE!!!!!

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